About Rupa Group


Welcome to Rupa Group Ltd.

Rupa Group started its journey in September 1992. The group started its activities with the aim of creating a new era in the fashion industry of Bangladesh. The group established Rupa Sweaters (Pvt.) Ltd & Rupa Fabrics (ltd.) . at the initial stage Won the hearts of buyers within a short period of time. Especially customer preference is given importance in all their products.

The group never hesitates to fulfill all their needs. Hence, the group is maintaining transparency at all stages from purchasing raw materials to production and supply. Because of this, they have customers in about 36 countries of the world. Rupa Group products are prepared in pleasant environment and own factory. At present, about 2500 workers are working in the industrial establishments included in this group, built on five acres of land in Gazipur’s board market. All their factories are known to be worker friendly and safe.

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